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Chum Ikura (Salmon Caviar)
Premium Alaskan Chum Salmon Caviar (Ikura)

Northwest Washington State, Whole Dungeness Crab
Seattle Seafoods Market is located in the beautiful Seattle area of Washington State.

Our Alaskan fishery partners are fully committed to provide us with only the finest-quality seafood products available anywhere on the planet.

The internet is saturated with small, armchair retailers trying to sell run-of-the-mill seafood products at premium prices. So how are we different? Simple. SeattleSeafoods.com is a wholesale merchant (now open to the public) offering only premium-quality seafood products at producer-direct prices with low minimums.

Also, we are now open to the public. Now anyone can buy premium seafood at producer-direct prices. We live for customer service excellence and we are always excited to get a chance to serve a customer well.

It's simple. Try us once and we will earn your repeat business -- and we will continue to earn your business on every order with our world-class customer service and unbeatable producer-direct pricing.

We offer IQF (individually quick frozen) product year around, and fresh seafood of all kinds during the various fishing seasons throughout the year.

Our arrival-date shipping system allows you to plan a few days in advance and get much lower shipping costs for all IQF products. We
use rigid, sealed, temperature-controlled packaging with dry ice to assure absolute freshness and quality at your door.

Call us at 425-533-5081 between 7am and 7pm pacific time, 7 days a week, or email us 24/7 at service@SeattleSeafoods.com.

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