Shipping and Returns

$19 FLAT-RATE SHIPPING 1-5 Day Delivery (For All Premium, Quick-Frozen Seafood) 

Flat-rate shipping is as it sounds. Just order as much premium, quick-frozen seafood as you as you desire, in a single shipment to any recipient in the lower 48 states, and we'll get it there for 19 bucks per box for FedEx 1-5 Day Delivery

Save money shipping larger orders:
For an additional $15.00, we can often combine larger orders into a single, larger box (with more ice, etc.) rather than two regular-sized boxes.

Alaska and Hawaii are not included in our Flat-rate program because shipping to those two states is typically more than twice the cost. HOWEVER, we will happily extend our special FedEx-contracted Air rates for shipments to these two states. Our 2-Day rate is considerably less than FedEx's "Ground" rate to these two states.

For example, at the time of this writing, a 50 pound shipment to Fairbanks, AK costs $58.50 for Ground, or $48.49 for 2-Day Air. Likewise, the same package to Lahaina, HI costs $67.81 for Ground or $45.88 for 2-Day Air.

We use leak-proof cooler boxes and PLENTY of dry ice to assure that your product arrives at your door in in premium condition, ready to prepare and eat! The dry ice in our cooler boxes is Minus 109 Degrees Fahrenheit so please use gloves to avoid burning your fingers while removing the dry ice from the box when it arrives.

Most products sold are individually quick frozen (IQF). All IQF products qualify for our $19 Flat-rate shipping program. However, all fresh products must be shipped via overnight air in order to guarantee absolute freshness to your door.



1 DAY DELIVERY, INCLUDING SATURDAY (no surcharge). Pacific Northwest: Washington State, Northern Idaho and most of Oregon.

2 DAYS DELIVERY, INCLUDING SATURDAY (no surcharge). Almost all of California, Northern Nevada, Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming, Most of Utah, and the Southeast and Southwest corners of Oregon.

3 DAYS DELIVERY, INCLUDING SATURDAY (no surcharge). Southern tip of California, South Nevada, all of Arizona, the western parts of the Dakotas and Nebraska, the western tip of Texas, and most of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. (Note: Alaska is also included in this transit time slot, but it is typically less expensive to ship by 2-Day Air.)

4 DAYS DELIVERY, INCLUDING SATURDAY (no surcharge). The midwest states as far east as West Virginia and the southern states as far east as Tennessee.

5 DAYS DELIVERY, INCLUDING SATURDAY (no surcharge). Eastern seaboard states plus most of Pennsylvania, and Alabama.

HAWAII. While FedEx does offer "Ground" shipping to Hawaii, 2-Day Air is less expensive.


* Flat-rate shipping is $19 regardless of weight (Continental USA).

Sundays and Mondays are excluded from day counts for Home Delivery. Saturdays and Sundays are excluded from day counts for Commercial Delivery. 

* Transit times are very accurate, but do not account for FedEx delays from severe weather or other unforeseen conditions.

* PLEASE CALL US AT 425-533-5081 or email us at with any questions.



Both FedEx and UPS provide exact transit times to us so that we can inform our customers about when their orders will arrive. Our website does a pretty good job of estimating this arrival date, but sometimes shipments must be slightly delayed in order to guarantee freshness of a particular product. Our goal is to get the product to you as fast as possible --- using the fewest possible days in ground transit.

We use plenty of dry ice with our shipments to guarantee product quality, but we want to avoid weekend-long layovers if possible. In that light, in order to get a package to our customer on on or before Saturday, the following is our "rule of thumb" when determining "last possible ship days" during a normal week (without holidays), shipping to a residential address. (Commercial customers, please call us at 425-533-5081 for more details.)

Must ship on a Monday: All eastern Seaboard states plus the far southern tip of Texas and the eastern tip of West Virginia.

Must ship by Tuesday: Midwest and Mid-South states including the northern tips of Alabama and Georgia, the western tip of Virginia, and western portions of Pennsylvania and New York

Must ship by Wednesday: Southern California and all western states including the western parts of New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and the western tip of Texas.

Must ship by Thursday: Northern California, Northwest Nevada, Southwest Idaho and the Southeast and Southwest corners Oregon.

Must ship by Friday: Pacific Northwest: Washington State, Northern Idaho and most of Oregon.



Need it there faster? No problem. Just select the desired arrival date and our calendar will show you the cost of shipping. The icon looks like this...


Changing the arrival date is simple. Just open the calendar, select a date and click "Apply Arrival Date." That's it!

This calendar below shows an arrival date of the 18th. 
In this case, the FedEx 2-Day rate would be applied.

The "cheapest" arrival date is always pre-selected for you.
If you leave the arrival date set to "cheapest," the shipping
rate will always be $19.  


Our shipping department is radically committed to best-of-industry practice for preparing premium fresh or live seafood for shipment to your door. No one does it better. We guarantee it!

For all fresh product, we ship straight to your door via FedEx overnight Air. We use leak-proof cooler boxes and plenty of gel ice to assure that your premium seafood stays super cold (but not frozen) until it reaches your kitchen!

INSURANCE and LIABILITY currently uses FedEx for most domestic shipments of fresh and frozen seafood products. For our low-cost "flat-rate" shipment offering ($19 per shipment), we currently use FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery. These ground-based FedEx services, however, do not offer insurance of any kind against spoilage of perishable products.

However, we package all of our shipments with extra refrigerant to allow for a up to two additional days in transit without any affect of the inside temperature of our packages. While extreme delivery delays (beyond two additional working days) almost never happens, we cannot guarantee product freshness beyond that point.

All FedEx or UPS "Air" shipments (1, 2 or 3-Day Air) can be insured for a nominal cost. As of November, 2009, this cost is calculated as 65 cents per $100 of declared value. However, this does not cover product losses in the event of a delivery delay caused by a natural disaster such as a severe weather storm, earthquake, hurricane, wind storm, tornado, flood or other severe weather system. FedEx has other exclusions as well which you can read about on the FedEx terms page. and Ono Fish Company will accept limited liability to replace any spoiled goods only in the event that our shipping department fails to include enough refrigerant to keep the product cold and fresh for two full calendar days beyond the scheduled arrival date as indicated on your receipt or as provided in an email to you. If a shipment is covered by FedEx insurance, and there is a partial or total loss, will work with you quickly and effectively to replace product as required.


For reasons of parishability, allows FedEx to deliver packages to your door without signature to avoid unwanted delays in delivery and/or prolonged storage in a FedEx warehouse. By agreeing to this shipping policy, customers waive their right to refuse delivery and/or to request a reversal of any credit card charges for reasons of nondelivery.


If you receive a product that is spoiled, please contact us on the same day as delivery with photos and details so that we can open a claim for you, make a claim with our shipper, and make arrangements with you to get a sample of the spoiled product returned to us for inspection. If you contact us beyond the same day as you receive the product, then other factors can quickly affect product quality and spoilage, and in these cases we cannot open a claim for you. Typical claim periods are 3-10 working days, and not all claims are approved. Also, if you choose to use your own shipping company, then any and all claims will be between you and your shipping carrier. If an order is canceled prior to shipment, a full refund less packaging costs and 15% restocking charge will be issued. Because of the perishable nature of seafood, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds on returned perishable goods in any case.  However, if we make a mistake with your order, we'll make it right! Just email us 24/7 at or call 425-533-5081 between 7am and 7pm weekdays!


All other parts of this shipping policy apply to international shipments as well.

Package "arrival date" is to the destination Country’s port terminal nearest the recipient address - and the contents are guaranteed to be premium quality, fresh or frozen, upon arrival to that port terminal. Actual arrival date to recipient address should be the same day, but actual delivery date could be later due to unknown customs processes and possible delays or customs, rules and/or policies of a particular country. The customer bears the full risk of possible non-delivery and/or spoilage that results from either delay or non delivery. While delays like this are very unusual according to FedEx, cannot guarantee exact delivery dates for international shipments and customer assumes full liability of loss due to spoilage in the event of any customs delays. Any International duty and/or taxes are the responsibility of the ordering party and/or recipient. If you need to make any changes to your order, please contact us by email 24 hours before the ship date of your order (7 days a week). Please see our shipping policy for more details.