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Pan Seared Pacific Cod with Asparagus Tips

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Ingredients For Sale
  Pacific Cod Fillets (Pin Bone Out, Skin Off)
Super flavorful, white, flaky IQF Pacific Cod fillets.
Size: 16-32 oz fillets
  Serves: Serves 4


Preperation: Takes about 20 minutes prep and 15 minutes cooking time. A great favorite for smaller, more intimate dinner parties.

Special Equipment: Recommend good cast iron frying pan or heavy skillet.

 4 Fillets Pacific Cod Fillets (IQF)
 1.5 Lbs Fresh Asparagus (thin stem if possible)
 2 Whole Roma Tomatoes
 1 Dash Spices per instructions above
 1 Bottle Pinot Gris or Chardonay

Alternative Ingredients: Can substitute halibut or any other white fish.

Directions: Start with a cast iron or similar searing pan. We're not looking for grill marks here, but we need a pan that can get hot. We love cast iron for this dish.

On each side of your 8-16 oz cod fillets, lightly sprinkle salt, fresh ground peppercorn, dried Italian parsley, dried oregano, and finely-ground cayenne pepper to taste.

Cut asparagus to 4 to 6 inch tips and boil in salted water (just use a teaspoon or so of salt) for 5-7 minutes until the tips are firm but not crunchy. (Don't boil them to death! There is nothing worse that soft, slimy, vegetables!)

Make your pan hot (about 75-80% of max heat), then reduce heat to 40%, add a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Wait 30 seconds or so, or until your oil starts to slightly smoke. Gently place your your cod fillets. Don't crowd the pan! if only 2 fillets fit comfortably, then cook then 2 at a time. If one, then one at a time.

Sear on both sides until dark golden brown (but not black!). Fillets are never super thick, so cooking time should only be 1-2 minutes or so per side. But you are looking for that color, so with the heat reduced, it won't hurt to leave them on the pan for an extra minute or so if needed.

Plate on top of your beautiful, bright green asparagus tips, and fresh room temperature tomatoes or other fresh seasonal vegetables.

Now you are the master chef, and everyone will applaud!

Serve with refreshing Pinot Gris or Chardonay to taste.

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