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Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)

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Photo: Stu Spivack

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Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)

Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish): (Anoplpoma fimbria)

Whole Fish, Headed and Gutted (H&G)

Our second-most popular holiday fish next to the Alaskan King Salmon.

Perhaps the most sought after fish in Asia, the Alaskan Black Cod, also known as the Sablefish, has an amazing buttery flavor and delicate, yet hearty succulent texture.

Try it steamed or cold smoked. You will have an experience of a lifetime!

Also known as "Butterfish," these amazing fish are harvested throughout Alaska from the North Bering Sea to Southern Alaska. We offer Alaskan Black Cod in sizes ranging from 6 to 12 pounds, H&G (headed and gutted).

If you are a freight-container buyer or you need more than 1,000 pounds of product, please call 425-533-5081 for pricing.

  Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)
Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish) Headed and Gutted

Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish)
Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish), Photo: Stu Spivack

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