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Alaskan Rockfish Fillets

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Premium Alaskan Rockfish Fillets (skin off)

Photo by Rachel Black

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Alaskan Rockfish Fillets

Alaskan Rockfish Fillets (skin off): (Sebastes ruberrimus)


The Alaskan Rockfish is one of the best-kept secrets of the Alaska fisheries. It's flesh is firm, white and meaty, yet oily so it absorbs marinades, wood smoke, and other flavors very well --- making the Alaskan Rockfish one of the best eating fish in the world.

This is especially true for Asian markets where Rockfish is revered right up there with Salmon and Halibut. While this is not yet true in the American markets, top chefs and seafood afficionados here treasure the Alaskan Rockfish for its delicate flavor and preparation diversity.

There are 30 or so species of Rockfish in Alaska, but the most common are the yelloweye, copper, dusky, quillback and black. About 12 species thrive as far north as the Bering Sea. Most Rockfish range from 20-24 inches (51-61 centimeters) in length.

Our Premium Rockfish Fillets are one of our local favorites because of their great flavor and extreme adaptability and diversity. (Read more about this in the preparation section.)

For quantity pricing, please call 425-533-5081.
  Alaskan Rockfish
Alaskan Yelloweye Rockfish

Alaskan Rockfish Fillet
Alaskan Yelloweye Rockfish Fillets

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