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Pink Salmon Caviar

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1 Kg = 2.2 lbs

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Pink Salmon Caviar

Our premium, #1 Grade Alaskan Pink Salmon Ikura is available in 1 kg (2.2 lb) packages.

This high-flavor product is very rich in nutrition, including critical omega 3 fatty acids. Our caviar manager personally oversees the quality of each batch to assure ideal roundness, texture, salt content and overall flavor.

While Pink Salmon Ikura is not commonly considered the "Cadillac" of Salmon caviars, a title long held by Chum Ikura, by sales it runs a close second at a considerably lower price point.

Many people love this product because the flavor profile and exterior moisture are very similar to our #1 grade Chum Ikura product. The biggest difference is that the Pink Salmon egg is 10-15 percent smaller has a weaker wall structure resulting in less "pop" in its mouth feel.

We would encourage anyone who loves Ikura to try Pink Ikura. It might surprise you!
  Pink Salmon Caviar (Ikura)

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