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It's not a crab, it's not a shrimp, it's not a white fish... The amazing scallop is in a league of its own. Watch out for imitators that add up to 25% in water! Our amazing "dry" scallops are what you would expect to experience in a fine seafood restaurant.

Making a Cioppino? Don't forget our scallops! We recommend our 20/30 count dry scallops for Cioppino and other seafood stews.

Don't misunderstand the meaning of "dry." These morsels are by no means "dried." They are natural scallops that have not been artificially enlarged by adding water weight to them as many brands do.

Enjoy your scallops!

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Premium Alaskan Scallops

Highest-quality Weathervane scallops from the cold waters of Alaska!

Premium Dry Scallops, #1 Grade

Premium Dry Scallops. Best Quality.
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