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Smoked Fish

European Style Cold-Smoked Salmon

Our European cold-smoke salmon is hand crafted by internationally-renowned French chef, Dominique Place. Chef Place (pronounced "pläs") developed his signature cold-smoking style over decades of patient discovery and customer feedback. When it comes to European style, cold-smoked salmon, lox, and similar preparations, absolutely no one does it better than Chef Place and we are proud to be able to offer his exquisite products at these amazing prices.

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European Style Cold-Smoked Salmon (Traditional Salmon Lox)

Premium Sockeye Lox, full side fillet. Traditional Atlantic Salmon Lox.

European Style Cold-Smoked Sockeye Salmon (Salmon Lox)

Premium Sockeye Lox, full side fillet, bright red. Beautiful presentation.

European Style Gravlax (Cold-Smoked Salmon With Dill)

Super moist, less salt, light dill flavor, traditional European gravlax!
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