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Ahi Tuna Loin

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Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

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Ahi Tuna Loin

Premium, Sashimi grade, Ahi Loin: (Thunnus obesus)

As you might have expected, we pulled out all the stops on this one. There is a lot of Ahi product out there, but we searched far and wide to find the highest-quality Ahi loins on the planet. Don't let the low price deceive you. We made a great buy on our current stock and all the savings go straight to you.

If you are serving Ahi, raw or seared, you want the best color, texture and flavor you can find. You just found it.

Please call 425-533-5081 for quantity pricing.

  Sashimi grade, premium Ahi Tuna Loin
Sashimi grade, premium Ahi Tuna Loin. Photo by Celim.

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