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NOTE: Not all specials are shown here. Please call us at 425-533-5081 for a complete list of specials today. We sell over 350 different seafood products and we make special deals on premium-quality seafood catches all the time. However, quantities are often very limited and hot deals never last long. Sometimes we simply don't have enough time to list a hot deal on our website because it's gone before we can type out the item description.

Learn about today's hottest deals by simply calling us at 425-533-5081. We are open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week!


dungeness crab

15% off 5 crabs -- OR -- 25% off 10 crabs, 

**Offer good through 12/20/2015 or while supplies last.

NOTE: The sale price is not shown on the website. Please call for discount.

Other holiday specials as well. 
Call 425-533-5081 for details.

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