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Cambridge House Scottish Lox

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Traditional Scottish Smoked Salmon Lox, Pre-Sliced, Skin On.

Photo by Rianda Sweeney

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Cambridge House Scottish Lox

Traditional Scottish Balmoral Open-Fire, Cold-Smoked Salmon Lox: (Salmo salar) Each fillet is individually vacuum packed for best quality and flavor.


Widely popularized by the New York Times' label, "The best smoked salmon in the world,” this award-winning lox is such an amazing experience, is very likely going to be the last brand you ever buy.

This is our most popular salmon lox product. It is made with fresh (never frozen) premium Atlantic Scottish salmon from the cold and deep waters of the Shetland Islands. A hand-cured Salmon lox using only pure sea salt and fresh herbs, Cambridge House Scottish Lox is one of only a small handful of commercially-available lines of premium smoked salmon lox in the world today. It is produced in small batches using a traditional Scottish open-fire, dry-cure process with a combination of oak and fruitwood open-fire cold smoke. Only wasted or fallen wood is used; no trees are ever cut down for this production of this product.

For quantity pricing, please call 425-533-5081.
  Cambridge House Scottish Smoked Salmon Lox
Cambridge House Scottish Smoked Salmon Lox

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