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Premium Alaskan Scallops

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Premium #1 Grade Alaskan Large Weathervane Scallops.

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Premium Alaskan Scallops

Premium Alaskan Dry Weathervane Scallops (Patinopecten caurinus)

Don't be fooled by lower priced "wet" scallops! Sure... North Atlantic "Wet" Scallops are cheaper than our prized Alaskan Weathervane Scallops. What's the difference? Gosh... Plenty! The concept of wet scallops is similar to injecting salted water into chickens to make them: 1. Heavier for market for more profit; and 2. Juicier and tastier, since most people prefer salty and juicy chicken over natural ones. Hence the concept applied by some scallop producers, but it doesn't really work and most people are turned off by the idea of a chemically-treated scallop on their plate.

Similar to the chicken analogy, "wet" scallops are soaked in phosphate preservatives which adds water weight (and a funny taste) to the scallops. North Atlantic scallops are very typically sold this way... Yuk.

Also, see the picture above? You could never achieve that beautiful caramelized brown surface with a "wet" scallop because they excrete all the liquid and shrink to half their original size when cooked. This is true regardless of the temperature of your pan, or which oil you use.

In contrast, our celebrated Premium Alaskan Weathervane Scallops are the ones you've been dreaming about. You know... Those huge, beautifully-caramelized, giant Weathervane scallops you experienced that one time at that amazing seafood restaurant --- that you've been craving ever since? Yep... those were premium "dry" scallops. The exact product as sold on this page.

We have two sizes... Large (20/30 per pound) and Gigantic (10/20 per pound)!


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